Casino Weekends Or Online Free Casino Bets

A weekend in Las Vegas may be a well-planned escapade or a spur of the moment’s decision. Whatever was the inspiration, the casino adventure that awaits you is as thrilling as earning free casino bets online. Online casinos are as much fun as real casinos, but then the choice is yours.

Choosing the Right Casino

Selecting the casino should be top priority if the idea of a weekend in Las Vegas is appealing. Your search should be as vigilant as your hunt for the best online poker sites that offer the games you enjoy and the eternal free casino bets and other freebies you cannot refuse.

With literally dozens of casinos lining up the ritzy boulevards in Reno, you have to be very specific about your choice considering the following equations:

* How long are you going stay for a gambling vacation?
* Do you want the most exciting poker tables?
* Do you prefer those killer poker machines?
* Do you want the upscale scene or the little off-road joints?
* Do you want compensation or points that can redeem your meals, hotel rooms, shows and casino/hotel merchandise?
* Are you staying with friends or getting hotel rooms?
* Are you a smoker or not?

These questions and then some can help you filter the casinos before you commit to a weekend in ritzy Vegas. You’re on a gambling holiday, not on a poker kamikaze mission; thus, budget your money for an enjoyable stay, including hotel, food, poker games, and some shopping and sightseeing on the side if you can scrounge up the energy to squeeze a lot of activities in between table games.

There’s more fun in a real casino compared to playing online at home. You meet new friends, see beautiful girls and dashing hunks, and drink the casino’s best brews and spirits. If and when you’re fed up with the games, you can eye other adult fun activities in the Vegas strip.

Online Casino Fun

But if the thought of moving your butt down to Vegas for a weekend of poker games is too much, your option are the online casinos that offer different poker games and free casino bets credited to your account once your sign up. Once you click on your choice of online casino, you’re ready to roll the dice.

There are different offers of free casino bets ranging from $100, $250 and up to $900. After signing up, you can get your free bet and play any of the games featured for table games, slot games, and video poker. You also have the option to play for fun or for real, but you must be 18 years of age before you can enjoy playing any of the games, even for fun.

Members of online casinos can choose to play table games – Black Jack, Euro Roulette, Three Card Poker, Baccarat, European Black Jack, and Craps; or slot games of Bullseye Buck, Hole-in-One, Cash Inferno, Fruit Party, and much more. With your free casino bets, you can play any of these games, and you have the chance to win to win big!

One bonus with online casinos is the chance to play in different currencies using select credit cards, and other web-based cash accounts to help you manage your withdraw and deposit options. Whether you’re in Hongkong or in Dubai, you can sign up and play away after you grab your free casino bets.

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Popular 6 Types of Hotels to Choose From

In recent times, demand for the hotels has seen a sudden increase, the two primary reasons being increasing global business interest and growing interest in tourism. There are different types of hotels to choose from depending on your interest and budget. The hotels are classified keeping the location and style in mind and each classification has its own clientele. Star system is used to classify the hotels keeping the facilities and services on offer. Luxuries on offer and star are in direct relationship that is, more the number of stars more are the services promised by the hotel. The classification can be in the each type of hotel too. If a budget hotel wish to progress to a star hotel, the journey is a long and difficult one as it needs more services, space and money. Popular types of hotel classifications as per the hotel industry are:

Budget hotels: These hotels offer economy stay- limited amenities for reasonable prices. These hotels are at a little distance from the popular places. The drawback is that these hotels don’t have on-site restaurants. Some of these restaurants offer complimentary continental breakfast.

Airport hotels: As the name suggests these hotels are close to the airports. The rooms are neat and carefully designed. Most of the airport hotels offer free shuttle to-and-fro from the airport. Airport hotels are preferred mostly by business tourists as the travelling cost and time both are saved.

Resort hotels: If on a family vacation you must prefer resort hotels. People prefer these resorts as they feature fun and relaxing amenities. Some of the services you can find at resort hotels are fitness center, spa, Jacuzzi, hot tub, Kids room, card room, tennis court, baby sitting services, pool bar and even mountain or beach locations. Because of the number of luxuries amenities offered resort hotels have high stars to their credit.

Casino hotels: Guests who love gambling prefer casino hotels over other categories. Most casino hotels offer free stay or meal if you spend a particular amount of cash or stipulated hours in the casino. Casino hotels offer luxuries services like: restaurant, pool, fitness center, spa, indoor shopping. Though, the major attraction is the night life at these hotels. You will find dance clubs, shows or comedians performing here to keep the guests entertained. The number of star depends on three things: location, amenities and room quality.

Commercial hotels: Business travelers prefer commercial hotels because of the business services and facilities offered. There are multiple seminar rooms and banquet facilities to accommodate conventions and conferences. Most of these hotels have conference room, video conferencing feature, projector, high-speed internet for the ease of the commercial clients. Commercial hotels are largely situated in downtown and feature multi-cuisine on-site restaurant.

Suite hotels: This category of hotel is preferred by families on vacation. The reason behind that couple and children get a space of their own. These hotels have multiple rooms or may have pull-out bed. In most cases suite hotels have luxurious services and amenities like fitness center, pool, bar, lounge, baby sitting services, on-site restaurant and many more.

Internet has made our lives easy and it is possible to find the best hotels online. But before you make the bookings compare the prices and services offered. And before you make the payments, don’t forget to check on the cancellation and return policy of the hotel.

It’s Easy to Find Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is a city of great opulence, there are numerous excellent values on hotel rooms throughout the city, whether you prefer the strip, downtown, or one of many hotel casinos throughout Las Vegas and Henderson. The deals are there — you just have to know where to look, and I will show you.

Off of the strip you’re going to find some good rates on Las Vegas hotels. Some people don’t mind staying off the strip, in fact if you go to a place like the Gold Coast, you can have yourself a nice Las Vegas type vacation without even leaving the hotel. The Gold Coast has very affordable room rates and they have all of the amenities, including Spa, bowling alley, arcade, headliner shows and a lot more. Its sister property the Orleans is also a good value, and like the Gold Coast is not too far off of the strip. The Orleans also has the bonus of offering extra-large rooms, and also has a multiplex movie theater.

Other ways to save money on hotel rooms is with the Station casinos. You can go to their website and check the rates on all of them at once. They are scattered all about Las Vegas and Henderson, and although none are very close to the strip, they are of a good standard and have large modern casinos in them.

Downtown is an excellent option if you’re looking for cheap hotels in Las Vegas. Downtown has become much more visitor friendly in recent years, even family-friendly if you consider the Fremont Street experience as a family attraction. At the very least, if you don’t stay downtown, you should bring the family at least once to see the Fremont Street Experience as well as to tour around in some of the more interesting casinos.

But if you’re looking to sleep cheap, the El Cortez has been on our list for years as the most economical downtown hotel that’s at least up to acceptable standards. It’s basically a two star hotel, but it’s clean and we have found rates there recently as low as $15 per night on weekdays.

If you want to upgrade a little, Fitzgeralds and the Four Queens are a step up from the El Cortez and are both decent places to stay, basically in the 2 1/2 star range. These two hotels are consistently priced below the competitors.

The majority of folks, however, will prefer to stay on the strip if they’re going to be visiting Las Vegas. Not to worry, there are some great values on some of the nice hotel casinos on the strip. We usually recommend people start with the Stratosphere, the Sahara and Circus Circus. All three of those large casino hotels are traditionally very affordable, and give you access to the north part of the strip.

More towards the center of the strip, the cheapest hotel we have found on average is the Imperial Palace. It’s not only reasonable, but has a lot of great attractions including the world’s finest classic automobile collection, as well as the very popular Luau and Polynesian Revue. The Imperial Palace is also a monorail stop, which is a big plus.

The southern end of the Las Vegas strip is a favorite of many, including myself. Some of the newer and more interesting casinos.are down there, such as New York New York, the Luxor, and on and on. Fortunately, many of these are connected by walkways and overpasses. My favorite cheaper places to stay on the south strip are the Excalibur and the Tropicana. Generally there are no lower rates than these two hotels, and they are right in the midst of the South end of the strip.